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Naru Kwina talks about the origins and inspiration of his amazing project, “Hip Learning”, and how listening to children became central to the evolution of Hip Learning’s approach to supporting children’s education.

"Knowledge is a garden. If it isn't cultivated, you can't harvest it."

-- African proverb


A series of simple experiments and learning events anyone can try at home.  Safety first!

Community event at the Chabot Space and Science Center.


We work in and for our community, helping to educate our children using song and memorable imagery.


Please visit any of the below links to listen to many of the musical tracks that help children learn science.

Art work by the incredible Boze.

"Our World, Our Planet"

Featuring: Naru Kwina, Spear Of the Nation, Chris Burger, Najorae, Council Woman Carroll Fife, Moms 4 Housing and the debut of LaDee Duz. With production by Barz makes Bangers, Ricardo Love, Edd Dee Pee (Blacktroniks), Aristotle the Great,  Gary Miller, Kenny Brooks, and Naru Kwina.

This is “music with a message” for the whole family.

We only have one world, so let’s take good care of it, and ourselves.

Please support our fabulous project and share it with your network.

This project is made possible by a grant from the Oakland Cultural Funding Program.

Listen here:

"The Human Body 101"

This is a compilation of 10 songs performed by Naru Kwina, and his friends Azeem, Mama Earth, Reign, Thesis, and Kasimu. The focus is the human anatomy.

The songs are fun, lively and informative. This is the first offering from Hip Learning.
We hope you enjoy it for years to come, and please tell a friend.

Listen here:

All I can say is my children are absolutely hooked on Hip Learning... From the moment they hear the catchy beats of the music to the moment we get into our car... they want to hear the songs.
Alice R.
Teacher and Community Educator

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